Fair Association


Mission Statement

The mission of the Lane Agricultural Fair Association is "The fostering, encouraging and developing of Agricultural, Horticulture, Domestic Industry, Mechanics, Household Economy, Stock raising and the dissemination of useful information on these subjects." 

The Board of Directors are committed to supporting this mission through our decisions, actions, and behaviors.  Our Bylaws are developed to provide guiding principles that serve as a foundation for the conduct of the Lane Agricultural Fair Association.

If you would like additional information, please email us at: information@laneagriculturalfair.org


Board of Directors


President: Natalie Masters

Vice President: Maxine Goodwin

Secretary: Melissa Oram

Treasurer: Kim Powell


Becky Savage

Deanna Carroll

Karen Register*

Renee Keele

Rocky Keele

Sam Oram Jr.

Lyndsi Fermyn

Taylor Yackel

Tyler McCrea

Tempest McCrea

*Honorary Member

Corporate Records

Not for Profit Articles of Incorporation Filing 20191002.pdf
Letter from the Office of the Secretary of State 20191002.pdf
Bylaws of Lane Agricultural Fair Association (signed).pdf
2021 Kansas Annual Report.pdf